Half-pull Ringing

Andrew Aspland aaspland at v943LbJe-tGVWgLYEZFeXTTygK8url9UT5GDpJuOuze1_ywI4Tx0v0LfevCviQ_3U-vMrkyi6D6RXw.yahoo.invalid
Thu Nov 15 22:09:32 GMT 2007

Looking through the Bell News there are several references to "half-pull
ringing".  I am assuming this is a reference to change ringing with changes
occuring at handstroke and backstroke.  Was the alternative call changes or
was there an era of whole-pull change ringing?  In Alan Ellis's recent
reproduction of Tinntinnalogia[?] there is a table of times taken to ring
the various extents.  The time given for a 720 is 1 hour and everything else
pro rata.  This is double the times given in recent RW Diaries.  Was this
whole-pull change ringing or did they really ring at half the present speed?

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