[Bell Historians] Half-pull Ringing

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> Why do we need to theorise when the history of the development of 
> change ringing is so very well told by John Eisel and the late Bill 
> Cook in Volume 1 of "Change Ringing History: The History of an 
> Art" (CCBR Publication)?
> R

What a pity that some of the putative historians who set out a potted 
history on Guild & Association Websites, don't bother to read this 
book but prefer to spin their own fiction. Perhaps I shouldn't quote 
which particular guild I have in mind, but it is delivered with such 
authority (but no refs) that it has noticeably influenced others way 
of thinking and presents a demonstrably false tale; in an attempt to 
make some effort to try to get rid of the nonsense that is being 
promoted, I am thinking of putting together an article for the RW 
which would be in form a precis of this book. But if the likes of 
Cyril Wratten, Bill Cook and John Eisel have failed then what hope?



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