[Bell Historians] Half-pull Ringing

Richard Offen richard.offen at wbWQytOBh6kLlh8i6rlgmKVKEbTVQ4avpXWiDBrydSVpECYwyQHaZ6ky8JyiTeh6md2QZHuEffq9UoaM6eVPBasCkcE.yahoo.invalid
Fri Nov 16 12:41:10 GMT 2007

Why do we need to theorise when the history of the development of 
change ringing is so very well told by John Eisel and the late Bill 
Cook in Volume 1 of "Change Ringing History: The History of an English 
Art" (CCBR Publication)?

> An interesting thread.
> I wonder if changing at one stroke only had application where full
> wheels were not present.
> getting a bell 3/4 up and controlling it on a leaver results in a hand
> stroke but no back stroke.


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