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At 21:22 on 14 November 2007, David Cawley wrote:

> Like - I think I may have told this one before

Indeed.  A similar conversation took place on this list in March 2004,
recorded in 'From the E-lists' (21 March) as:

Bell historians displayed a royalist bent. Alan Birnie wanted
information on the bells at Crathie Kirk. He was told that the tower
houses four bells given by Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess
Beatrice. Sandringham has a ring of three, and there are three clock
bells at Balmoral Castle.

Bell founders make things other than church bells. David Cawley
reported that, while using the facilities in a rectory in the
Midlands, he looked up and observed a fine iron cistern bearing the
Royal Arms with the words "John Warner & Sons, Sanitary Engineers to
Her Majesty." They also made sheep bells. George Dawson had a
Llewellin & James catalogue from about 1910, which advertised beer
engines, as well as "Hard Bronze Unions, with Horned Nuts and male

John Camp


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