[Bell Historians] Half-pull Ringing

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In 1902 Bell News published brief details of the condition and ringing at
towers with eight or more bells.  A phrase often seen is "no half-pull
ringing" and during this time there are other references in letters to
half-pull ringing.  This does not appear to be because the bells were hung
or roped differently so is it a reference to the capabilities of the band?
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  > Because the series of books finishes with the eighteenth century and
  I am
  > asking about the early twentieth century AND surely the whole point of
  > studying history is that there is not always one definitive answer.
  > Andrew

  I have just got copy of the Bell News CD and can't read it at home
  because my bran new computer has 'Vista' (which in error I thought was
  a mere update of 'Windows' - but it aint
  I can read the CD at the library...Which particular page reference did
  you have in mind? I'm all for a bit of speculating.


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