[Bell Historians] Half-pull Ringing

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Sun Nov 18 18:28:19 GMT 2007

Whilst not wishing to get involved in the matters already expressed I 
am surprised that nobody seems to have communicated their experience of 
whole pull changes. In the early 1960s I came across it at Prescot in 
Lancashire - I was aged about fourteen at the time. The Prescot ringers 
were short of ringers for a wedding and I went along on my bicycle from 
St. Helens. I that think Graham Austin from Huyton was there too.(The 
picture of Michael Uphill in RW on his bicycle would indicate that his 
family must have been posh. His bicycle had shiny, clean chrome AND 
road lights!!) I plain hunted the treble and the change was made at 
every handstroke. I  understood that when they had enough 'competent' 
ringers this whole pull arrangement could be extended to Grandsire 
Triples. I didn't go to Prescot again because after the wedding ringing 
those of school age got ten shillings whilst the others got one guinea. 
My protestations about my pay were unsuccessful. I believe that this 
whole pull ringing was favoured because it enhanced 'ropesight'.


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