[Bell Historians] Half-pull Ringing

Peter Whisker peter at yUBfuqj6ysHaPtKSEz0S6AR9a4oYfnqbd5BoZdoor84zfor290X8pf9SntPq3GnCA6dAnEJi5zWcGHNmzw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Nov 27 17:42:38 GMT 2007

We occasionally partake in whole-pull ringing at Chertsey, especially if 
the bells are half-muffled as recently for Remembrance Day.
Whole-pull half-muffled sounds really good as each change has an "echo" 
at backstroke from the muffled strike.

Do try it if you haven't.

Peter Whisker

jimhedgcock wrote:
> Whilst not wishing to get involved in the matters already expressed I 
> am surprised that nobody seems to have communicated their experience of 
> whole pull changes. In the early 1960s I came across it at Prescot in 
> Lancashire - I was aged about fourteen at the time. The Prescot ringers 
> were short of ringers for a wedding and I went along on my bicycle from 
> St. Helens. I that think Graham Austin from Huyton was there too.(The 
> picture of Michael Uphill in RW on his bicycle would indicate that his 
> family must have been posh. His bicycle had shiny, clean chrome AND 
> road lights!!) I plain hunted the treble and the change was made at 
> every handstroke. I  understood that when they had enough 'competent' 
> ringers this whole pull arrangement could be extended to Grandsire 
> Triples. I didn't go to Prescot again because after the wedding ringing 
> those of school age got ten shillings whilst the others got one guinea. 
> My protestations about my pay were unsuccessful. I believe that this 
> whole pull ringing was favoured because it enhanced 'ropesight'.


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