[Bell Historians]Was Half-pull Ringing

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Mon Nov 19 09:09:39 GMT 2007

 May I observe that essentially paper has always been made mostly from
renewable, and that recycling produces a lot more sludge and chemical
residue than virgin paper production although energy usage is less.
Paper is still and environmental disaster. It could usefully be
dispensed with as technology improves.
As fore life, most paper barely gets scanned once before becoming waste.

Additional on line information only has an environmental impact if it
increases the number of computers in use.

Computers are becoming less power hungry and better environmentally in
other ways. 
They are now able to function as a TV as well as a computer so the ever
increasing number of screens may at last be topping out.
The computers ability to manage heat, light & energy storage makes one
an essential part of any serious Eco home.

I would urge all to make historical information on bells and ringing
available on line.
It makes information available to those of us unable to house a physical

More importantly it makes the information accessible to those with
curiosity about a subject to gain information and hopefully build
interest to a higher level.
On line information won't deter those who like to have and own paper,
but it will reduce there position as principle sources of knowledge and
information. Could this be why some are reluctant to have information
available to all, on line?

 Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK) wrote

There should still be a few antiquarians and others who will still have
an interest in the touch of real paper, well into the next decade, but
paper will have go because it is an environmental disaster.

Paper is not necessarily an environmental disaster.  It can be made from
entirely renewable resources and then recycled.  Books are also much
easier to read in bed than a computer screen.

Personally I find the handling of old documents an enormous pleasure.


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