[Bell Historians] Sunderland Minster.

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> "My understanding is that the elevation of Sunderland to City 
status gave
> rise to the elevation of St. Michael & All Angels to Minster status 
as it
> could not be a Cathedral as there is only allowed to be one 
Cathedral in any
> Diocese."
> City status is created by Royal Charter, and a city doesn't have to 
have a
> cathedral. Likewise, cathedrals don't have to be in cities.
> There can only be one cathedral in a diocese. Calling the parish 
church of a
> cathedral-less city or large town a `minster' is a modern fad – such
> pseudo-minsters can be found in a number of places – e.g. Doncaster,
> Rotherham, Preston. It isn't liked to city status – Doncaster and 
> aren't cities.
> David 

Hasn't this church been referred to as a 'minster church' for quite 
some time?   I seem to remember that this was amongst the first in 
the new fad of calling a church a minster.



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