Middlesbrough RC cathedral

George Dawson george at 5WB7qA3F9TxRxGpmLwYDWZGcATCgnhGqzkak3lvxbOrykjo4_QklZxeV844AeAyETKLVaK5OblcPyrVzzciEjgTWH8T0BMc_.yahoo.invalid
Fri Nov 30 14:00:58 GMT 2007

Is there anyone out there that can help please?

There are 3 bells on the wall at the Cathedral, & I wonder if anyone could
have a careful look at them with a pair of binoculars to confirm their
I know that 
1 is C&G Mears 1848
2 is C & G Mears n/dated
3 is JT 1987 recast
They came originally from the RC chapel at Everingham Hall East Riding.

Thanks in anticipation.

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