St Paul's and Chelsea

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So what do you actually want to do at St Lukes?

Sounds like it is a case for hanging the current bells for chiming 
high in the tower to satisfy the conservationists and hanging a new 
10 lower down the tower. Wish they had done that at Durham.

Are the bells actually too heavy or are they just hung too high up 
in a frame which doesnt resolve the forces as well as it could?


--- In bellhistorians at, <alantaylor at ...> wrote:
> I am extremely glad that they are the only complete pre-tune 
harmonic 12 to
> survive. I am also thankful that they are unique.
>  If you think they should be listed and preserved, I would suggest 
that they
> be put on display in the church yard. Then hang a musical peal of 
bells in
> the tower. Just imagine a sound such as the bells of York Minster 
> from the tower. I can't imagine that the St Paul's ringers would 
mind. As
> long as the tenor is heavy they would be happy.
> We have the same problem with the bells of St Luke's Chelsea. They 
> dreadful; they are too heavy for the tower and therefore go badly. 
But we
> are told they should be preserved as they are historically 
interesting as a
> Thomas Mears 2nd peal of ten. I wonder why Thomas Mears 2nd bells 
> getting rare. Although the last report from The Council for the 
Care of
> Churches, said they felt the bells should be preserved as a peal 
of TM2nd
> ten bells. But, as the trebles were so awful, new bells could be 
cast and
> hung in their place. But the old trebles should be hung dead in 
the tower.
> This breathtaking logic seems to miss the point, that with new 
trebles, the
> ring would no longer be a TM2 ten.  And, the bells would still be 
too heavy
> for the tower, and therefore the tower would still sway and this 
> therefore make the bells tricky to ring. St Luke's is to go to the 
> of a consistory court.
> There is often the same debate over pipe organs. It doesn't matter 
what it
> sounds like, or if it is capable of accompanying a congregation or 
> it's old and therefore should be preserved.
> Alan


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