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There is no opposition from the congregation of St Luke’s towards recasting
the bells. The parish applied for a recasting faculty a long time ago. The
people and church council are very supportive of the ringers. As was the
last Rector and indeed the present Rector.


You only get to the stage of a consistory court once all other channels have
been tried and failed.





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At 23:08 30/09/2007, David wrote:

So far as I'm aware, opinions on St Luke's, Chelsea, don't vary - I've never
heard anyone say anything in favour of them!

I don't think you will find many ringers in favour of keeping the existing
bells at St. Luke's - though I know at least one who claims to appreciate
their unique 'character'.

 As I recall the problem with trying to tune the bells was that some of the
profiles are a bit peculiar. 

The local ringers have been trying to get a sensible scheme (for a lighter
ring of ten, lower in the tower) off the ground there for over twenty years.
But I think that part of the problem in the past has been the failure of the
parish to sign on to the idea. Certainly when I was involved with the
restoration committee there was some fairly vocal opposition to getting rid
of the old bells from one or two members of the congregation/PCC. The DAC
Advisor (who was also the Church Architect) was not in favour of the scheme.
The ringers had very little clout (partly, perhaps, because Chelsea is only
rung as part of a Sunday morning circuit and the ringers are based and hold
their regular practices elsewhere). Various learned and professional
opinions were sought in support of the ringers' case - all to no avail (so

Money certainly wasn't the issue (maybe there are parallels with Cornhill in
that respect);  Chelsea must be one of the wealthiest parishes in the land.

When somebody pipes up with an emotive statement like "these are the
historic bells that Charles Dickens heard at his wedding" it can be
difficult to counter. Except, perhaps, to commiserate with poor Mr. Dickens
and express the hope that he wasn't charged too much for the pleasure.



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