The Redundant Bells of St Nicholas, Cork

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Mon Oct 1 17:46:23 BST 2007

Just so that everyone knows what has been happening. We (Keltek Trust) heard today that our last potential destination for the bells has come to nothing. If it had gone ahead then several of the bells would have been used to augment a chime in Limerick. It is now certain that the back four will be scrapped.

We have declined to use our limited resources to acquire them. This decision has been taken after looking at the tonal analysis and quality, considering the likely demand for bells of this size and the current scrap metal price. Our trustees came to the conclusion that we would find it difficult to recover our costs if we purchased the bells. Our limited funds are better utilised rescuing other bells and this year we have purchased bells to the value of £50,000 with more acquisitions pending. As you may imagine the level of acquisitions has put a strain on our finances. Anyone have any spare cash?

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