[Bell Historians] St. Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne

John Camp camp at PvWILaVhnoIqj21PafMjVJu18kDN3viZTBYcCMgUkY9IANMeZRKrpo7MuJpEsijRyFk_sbQ0lsV4DTIhK9u4.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 7 21:21:42 BST 2007

At 21:04 on 07 October 2007, Anne Willis wrote:

> I'm sorry.  I know I am very English, and probably old fashioned, and that
> this is not the list to complain about such things. but please,
> 'eventuate'!!!! Where on earth does that come from?

Perfectly good English, though regarded as American. Means 'to come
about'. See OED. First recorded in this sense in 1834.

John Camp


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