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John Camp camp at Uiyok0h4LIMTUSU4k3loOLOHrrGWGaHGyKLf_3bSBZAssncPBjwE3go7CC24PDEUWMIqLnrfnBnksFQsAugO.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 14 19:54:02 BST 2007

At 19:21 on 14 October 2007, Chris Pickford wrote:

> At the very least, perhaps the CCCBR ought to at least warn all the
> "lists" of impending shut-downs

Just a further comment. *All* the lists? I monitor something above 20
ringing lists. There are many others. Which ones does Chris think are
the appropriate ones? I would have thought that change-ringers, as the
most 'mainstream' list, was essential. Ringing-chat has the next
greatest number of subscribers. Both c-r and r-c have over 600
subscribed addresses and between them cover the vast majority of ringers
who are subscribed to a ringing list. Beyond that, it's difficult to
know where to go. This list? Nabbers? FODS? 3&4-bell?
Anglocatholicringers? Vale of the White Horse Branch of the ODG?

John Camp


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