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John Camp camp at KhrxZZ2EtqckTczFrOHmBKslYUfDDOGenKxbiKaCWmU8KsvXpv2WBkK721Uv0Nji1QdcwjLzShGMhl6d1xE.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 14 19:34:20 BST 2007

At 19:21 on 14 October 2007, Chris Pickford wrote:
> I guess a lot of other folk have noticed, but the CCCBR site has been
> "down" for 48 hours now - all weekend. I'm sure there are good reasons
> for it
> At the very least, perhaps the CCCBR ought to at least warn all the
> "lists" of impending shut-downs - and keep us informed by the same
> means if shut-downs turn out to be unduly prolonged

The following message was on change-ringers and ringing-chat earlier
this evening:


The CCCBR website is now operating again.

We apologise for the outage, the reason for which we are not yet certain.

Peter Trotman <webmaster at mz2JZxRon6SLt9aN-YSYyXeq9ycNnSjJcdyzhiMcMIbQQ7k1xWbSbTsDJSBzVwekufzxQW8solIj_GspBMcl268.yahoo.invalid>


John Camp


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