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John Camp camp at 6Qpi4UIB8zSRI89Vnhz3HlilUBCZqkm3TDK9MThif6cgG8dnCBjGuz3ImJ4V68hRFNE4tO4VpEHmEg.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 14 20:30:12 BST 2007

At 20:01 on 14 October 2007, Chris Pickford wrote:
> Since ithe notification could be automated, I would have thought that
> all lists could easily be notified. Maybe John Camp could provide
> (hopefully with little trouble or difficulty) Peter Trotman with all
> the URLs

Which are all the lists? There must be 50 or so. I can't name every
single list that has to do with ringing. Perhaps Chris can. And Peter
Trotman would have to be a member of all of them for his messages to be
accepted. So each list-administrator would have to accept him and decide
that the list wanted messages from the CC.

Change-ringers and ringing-chat should really be enough.

But maybe this is a Pickford ho ho ho.

John Camp


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