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Mike Chester mike at oh0dVPdCQCQUOvqr0Yqy5HKMt3QEn7N1SJoGT1nb85_E0ZYzl--rHXwIQv108rgG1hAZaYmc0bmGUPT3x6nOMVf0.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 15 09:14:49 BST 2007

Could I apologise for the downtime on the website.  It was not a 
planned thing and Tina Stoecklin/Peter Trotman have been working hard 
to put things right.  This is not an inconsiderable job, especially as 
one is currently in Portugal and the other in the States! 

At the 2007 CCCBR AGM Tina asked if anyone would be willing to help us 
maintain the websites.  This has been met by a flood of indifference! 
Could I ask that anyone that is up to speed with the server side of 
websites makes contact with me to offer their help?

Mike Chester
CCCBR ICT Committee


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