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Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at NwVF7nCOt2KhwW0i04SADbQgNtwRPC1oqAkNRD2JMsm3od6I11Ze7j7SN0B-SPsCelwu4vZcMgDspTm2zkYXAnLlcKVIrV7ktg.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 14 21:12:50 BST 2007

No a Pickford ho ho - a genuine suggestion - but accepting the constraints 
and practicalities listed by John, I agree that David's observation seems 
sensible.  As I only subscribe to Historians, that would be fine for me - 
but I was seeking to widen the potential coverage to as many people as 
possible who regularly use the CCCBR sites.

It just happens that I've been working on something this weekend where 
access to Dove would have been very useful - and I could have made quite a 
few submissions - and it's been just as frustrating not knowing what's going 
on as it has been not to have access.



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