[Bell Historians] Rare Founder?

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Nothing in my Bristol records for this founder. It sounds like an interesting and early example of a "typical small Bristol bell". Interesting also about the angular canons. Most of the C19th Bristol bells have rather distinctive tall canons, which even L&J were using on their small bells until they went over to Doncasters and eventually flat heads.
An image of this bell would be appreciated when there is time to do it.
I purchased some months ago from an antiques centre a nice little Bristol bell, 14 1/8" diameter, 11 1/2" p.h with tall oval section "Bristol" canons 3 1/4" high and a square section argent 4" high. Cast from a solid pattern with 2 wires at s/b and one at lip. Staple broken, very little evidence of clapper wear. Has been sandblasted and has a clean surface, but where a clock hammer has struck it looks a bit rough - or perhaps that was the hammer.  Inscribed:
                                WESTCOTT . BRISTOL.
No problem with these founders, but does anyone know where it might have come from? 

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  Anyone heard of this one? Are there any more?
  Nice looking bell with angular canons.


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