Help needed with bell acoustics experiment

Bill Hibbert bill at
Mon Oct 15 22:21:43 BST 2007

Do you have a musical ear, a PC or Mac with sound and a broadband 
connection? If so, you can help me by participating in some online 
experiments in bell acoustics. The purpose of the experiments is to 
prove a theory about the origin of the strike note in bells. The 
results are of practical application, especially in the design of 
trebles for peals of ten and twelve. There are nine tests to complete. 
Each one can be done separately, and it should take no more than one or 
two hours to do them all. The results will be written up as part of my 
PhD thesis.

I need about 25 volunteers to complete the experiments, which can be 
accessed online at . The 
instructions there should be self-explanatory - half a dozen people 
have already completed the tests successfully. Feel free to try them 
out to see how you get on. Please help if you can - if in doubt, have a 
go. The results will be kept confidential and there are no wrong 

Bill H


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