Unidentified bellfounder

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at OMeu7kRvUiYVvB2xg2fZozyE_368H-liLWZuB9LUaXjssgC0dWYi7ftNnU7vILazH1YStYDpKn4L.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 18 05:46:52 BST 2007

I received the following inquiry from someone in England.  I cannot 
answer it based on the resources available to me.  Can anyone else 
provide an answer?


---begin forwarded text---

>I am trying to find the origin of a bell found in 1960 hidden away 
>in an old hall. This bell is c 14" and carries the following 
>wording, much is missing but your knowledge may put some light onto 
>where or by whom it was made.
>                                          M_HORNC_A_S_      E_R_KAMP
>The bell, today, is mounted on a mission hall near Manchester 
>England and not accessible for further research at this time. Local 
>enthusiasts believe it of European manufacture.

---end forwarded text---


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