[Bell Historians] French clocks.

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> A well-known English example is the clock of
> Great Court in Trinity College, Cambridge.
> This is well known because of the associated
> challenge: Can you run round Great Court in
> less time than it takes the clock to chime
> and strike 12?  You are allowed to include
> both lots of striking.
A 19 year old student, Sam Dobbin made it round in time on 20th 
October. Only the 3rd person to do so, apparently. You have 43 seconds 
to do 367 metres. The other two were enobled and were Olympians!  Seb 
Coe was only said to "beat the clock" because he dipped under 43 
seconds.  However, they had wound the clock the previous day and it 
went a bit quicker than it might otherwise have chimed and he did not 
quite beat the final "bong"!



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