[Bell Historians] French clocks.

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Tue Oct 30 11:30:22 GMT 2007

Mike Chester reports...

> A 19 year old student, Sam Dobbin made it round
> in time on 20th October.  Only the 3rd person to
> do so, apparently.  You have 43 seconds to do
> 367 metres...  Seb Coe was only said to "beat the
> clock" because he dipped under 43 seconds.

At the time they said it was OK to count Coe's run as
beating the clock because you could still hear the hum
note of the bell [we are still JUST on topic!] as he
completed his lap.

This is seriously cheating.  With your ear against the
bell you could probably have heard the hum note when I
completed the circuit myself in a time about 5 seconds
slower [which is ages and ages in this context!]

Coe also cheated [as I did] by starting at a corner so
you have only three corners to negotiate.  The cobbles
are horribly slippery even when dry and you have to
slow down considerably.  Dobbin's run took in all four
corners which makes his achievement yet the greater.

Frank King


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