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No, I don't know about Granville, or the tubular chimes. I think I may have missed something as I was moderated (by Yahoo! not by David !) and have received no bell historians' stuff for a week - John Camp's article in the RW rather led me to believe gthat nothing of interest had occured.

You will see that the said RW contains GAD's kind review of "The Church Bells of the Channel Islands" - thanks to allo those who have so far supoorted the publication; not a penny in it for me, all profits to the W&P Bell Restoration Fund. 


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  Hello George,

  What does your crystal ball tell you about the bells of Vancouver and environs?

  We know of Holy Rosary Cathedral, of course, and the Taylor 42 cwt. 8 at St. James Granville (hung dead unfortunately).  Also the 8 tubular bells in St. Helen Surrey.  There is another chime in one of the two churches on Burrard Street but I know nothing of them.  We also know of the former 25 cwt. Mears 8 at Holy Trinity Pro-Cathedral, New Westminster, now only the old 3rd remaining.

  Any more information per chance?

  Many thanks in advance.

  Best wishes

  Alan Ellis


  George Dawson wrote:

     St Agnes 18 Eijsbouts bells of 1967
    St Mary Cath G&J chime 11 bells 1920
    St John G&J chime 13 bells also 1920.


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      Hello John,

      If the query was about bells and chimes, it was Halifax, UK.

      Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, has no bell chimes to my knowledge, only single church bells.

      Best wishes

      Alan Ellis
      Vancouver, B.C.

      john cummins wrote:

        You recently had a query re Halifax.  Is this place in Canada or England.  John Cummins.

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