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John Camp camp at ks4KjwkGsxXnnVMhhzsnpCWdUdZlU0-FIMyUkSdUOfyQZuHnTbB3o0C7msGj60OI9S7A5vyBakbtvi1px5-K.yahoo.invalid
Mon Sep 3 20:58:00 BST 2007

At 19:42 on 03 September 2007, David Cawley wrote:
> No, I don't know about Granville, or the tubular chimes. I think I may
> have missed something as I was moderated (by Yahoo! not by David !)
> and have received no bell historians' stuff for a week - John Camp's
> article in the RW rather led me to believe gthat nothing of interest
> had occured.

In the week covered by the column in question (19th - 25th August),
nothing much of interest did occur on this list - only 16 messages
altogether, and some of those were about the lack of messages.

John Camp


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