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> > There is an obvious mistake here - does anyone know what the
> is? (I'll let you work out what it is – anyone claiming to be a bell
> historian should be able to spot it easily enough!)
> Spot the mistake, that is - I've no idea what the explanation is
> undoubtedly there is one.
> David

OR could it be where it says 'St Botolph's Church, Sibson - The two
new bells were successfully installed in the tower in July 2007 and
are a sympathetic addition to the fine-sounding, existing, ring of four.'

Were the original 4 fine sounding as they look to be from a mixture of
founders, some junk? (Who is Newcombe, any bells by this founder up
here in Yorkshire so I can have a look and listen?) Would be useful if
I could search dove by searching for founders too as I would like to
know all the locations of bells by RB of York. At the moment I have
Driffield and Garton on the Wolds by this founder, but there are momre
around these parts.



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