[Bell Historians] Spot the mistake

David Bryant davidbryant at inkMBzauTASTCBTHmCQg2HxxhP-UPPBGw3RN1pKODY1Sfsmyf-B79l3BPd7OY0oIpimfm7j2zP9Y05uSgRfqdYZJ.yahoo.invalid
Mon Sep 3 23:17:28 BST 2007

> The Whitechapel bell of 2005 (the one in the octagonal picture) purporting
to be for Orton-on-the-Hill?  Very few Whitechapel bells in the Diocese of
Leicester and none bearing that date 

Correct! Note that there are two other pictures captioned as being the
Orton-on-the-Hill bell, and they are clearly the correct bell - so the
question is whose is the Whitechapel bell and how did its picture end up
where it is?



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