Newport RI (was: Vancouver)

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"2" is confirmed by this Webpage:
(where "just over three tons" must be read as short tons of 2000 lb)
The home page of that Website has a nice picture of the tower.

But why does the Whitechapel foundry page with the same photo:
say that it's the largest of THREE bells for Newport RI?

(Research elsewhere on the Web shows that the donor of the bell(s) was
the mother-in-law of the donor of the building.)


--- George Dawson <george at> wrote:

>  >P.S.  Since you seem to have a lot of foundry data, can you tell me
>  >anything about "the mighty Mears three at Newport, Rhode Island"?  I
>  >have no clue as to where they went, what they weighed, etc.  Thanks!
>  Emmanuel Newport:
>  1903	Mears & Stainbank   Newport   Emmanuel	USA   1/2   8-3-16
>  1903	Mears & Stainbank   Newport   Emmanuel	USA   2/2   57-1-0
>  They would appear to be a 2, see attached photo.
>  GAD


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