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Thu Sep 6 05:39:47 BST 2007

I Agree Carl, The !2 Bell O'Byrne Chime At S.T. Cathages Cathedral lismore 
(100  years old last month) were not deddicated till june 1911 but 9 were 
cast in 1908 and 3 in 1909 ...it will be an interesting choice as to when to 
celebrate the centenary of this chime ..1908..1909..or 1911 when they were 
dedicated and 1st rang out .
john .m

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>Subject: [Bell Historians] Re: Vancouver
>Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 20:24:33 -0500
>At 12:05 +0100 07/09/05, Chris Pickford wrote:
> >Regarding date discrepancies for Vancouver (and other jobs), it's
> >not always possible to know from foundry records, press reports and
> >other sources is what date is actually cast on a bell or set of
> >bells. That's only to be determined from actual inscriptions ...
>Very true!  But even inscriptions can be confusing.  Not long ago I
>learned of a set of bells which carry two dates - both the year of
>casting (with the foundry inscription) and the year of dedication
>(with the donor's inscription).

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