William Blews and Charles Carr

Bill Hibbert bill at YuRAvuHIWgtbrsxN6sLkpFivDrQl73AdN7dqZ11L8HbP08wrOvZUELshmBxODxjphuN1gf1xnmgJaSqU.yahoo.invalid
Sun Sep 9 11:42:46 BST 2007

I was reading up on these two founders, as you do, and noticed a 
discrepancy between the historical details in a couple of books.

Sharpe on page 18 of Church Bells of Gloucestershire says that William 
Blews & Sons was bought by Charles Carr in 1887 when William Blews died.

On the other hand, John Ketteringham on page 289 of Church Bells of 
Lincolnshire says that Carr bought Blews in 1891 but also goes on to 
say that Charles Carr died in 1891.

It's a minor point, but I was wondering which was the correct date for 
the purchase of Blews by Carr.

Bill H


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