[Bell Historians] William Blews and Charles Carr

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Sun Sep 9 12:19:20 BST 2007

Bill Hibbert wrote on 09/09/2007 11:42:
> I was reading up on these two founders, as you do, and noticed a 
> discrepancy between the historical details in a couple of books.
> Sharpe on page 18 of Church Bells of Gloucestershire says that William 
> Blews & Sons was bought by Charles Carr in 1887 when William Blews died.
> On the other hand, John Ketteringham on page 289 of Church Bells of 
> Lincolnshire says that Carr bought Blews in 1891 but also goes on to 
> say that Charles Carr died in 1891.
> It's a minor point, but I was wondering which was the correct date for 
> the purchase of Blews by Carr.
> Bill H

Bill Butler's 'Musical Handbells' (pp 98-99) states that following the 
death of Blews, his wife continued the business, presumably with a view 
to sale as a going concern. The brass founding was taken over by Henry 
Bisseker in 1891 and the bell-founding by Carr (also 1891). Carr died 
'shortly after'.

Hayden Charles


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