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Sat Sep 8 02:48:08 BST 2007

Hello George,

Although I could see that the bell is still there, I was unable to see 
it close up as the building was shut for Sunday.

It is actually in the OLD Post Office building, now called the Sinclair 
Centre, located at West Hastings and Granville Streets (NW corner).

If I get a chance I'll look at it sometime when the building is open.

Best wishes


George Dawson wrote:
> Hi,
> Nothing that way at all, I'm afraid.
> I collect data on steel bells, see:
> http://georgedawson.homestead.com/articlesengland.html 
> <http://georgedawson.homestead.com/articlesengland.html>
> If you come across any, I'd be grateful for details.
> Incidentally I was in at Taylors earlier in the week, The Vancouver PO 
> bell weighs 18.0.1, 46" dia, 702 Hz & is on a Smiths of Derby clock. 
> Bell dated 1909.
> Regards
> George
>     .
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