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Sun Sep 16 03:53:35 BST 2007

Hello George,

Although I got to see the bell relatively close up today, one cannot see 
all the way round as it is suspended from a beam and the public is on an 
adjacent catwalk in front of the Smith clock.  There is no access round 
the back.

I can confirm that it is John Taylor and Sons 1909 (I know we knew 
that).  It also says something like "G. E. Storey, Jeweler".  I'm not 
too sure about the S in Storey as it is a highly decorative letter.

Best wishes


George Dawson wrote:
> Hi,
> Nothing that way at all, I'm afraid.
> I collect data on steel bells, see:
> http://georgedawson.homestead.com/articlesengland.html 
> <http://georgedawson.homestead.com/articlesengland.html>
> If you come across any, I'd be grateful for details.
> Incidentally I was in at Taylors earlier in the week, The Vancouver PO 
> bell weighs 18.0.1, 46" dia, 702 Hz & is on a Smiths of Derby clock. 
> Bell dated 1909.
> Regards
> George
>     .
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