[Bell Historians] Re: Vancouver

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at 8KJnJSOhAeV4j-dinLQy6Jcpl7v8fGTBfcLIz8godl-7Zmd-povOk8t8CDTAlgzL5YNPm_MypeoM7A.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 11 18:50:58 BST 2007

At 14:39 +1000 07/09/06, john maloney wrote:
>The !2 Bell O'Byrne Chime At S.T. Cathages Cathedral lismore
>(100  years old last month) were not deddicated till june 1911 but 9 were
>cast in 1908 and 3 in 1909...

Web pages for this and the rest of the two dozen chimes in Australia 
(that I know about) have now been added to the GCNA Website.  An easy 
starting point to find them would be

As always, I welcome additions and corrections to the posted information.



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