[Bell Historians] Re: All Souls, Bolton

David Bryant davidbryant at 4aEvfQZ28b3slEhOfU_CUuGGq6hkP-4Xd4PDddPIVX-rqUhhzW4lz3y9l1Uy-6BgA1BVsj0lzi2B_pqgLtnffWfl.yahoo.invalid
Wed Sep 12 20:12:35 BST 2007

"All by Taylors"

They sound interesting - I wonder whether they had all metal frame & 
fittings? This was the time of transition, and the ring of four installed at 
Stockton on Forest in that year is an entirely 'modern' installation apart 
from the bells not having true harmonics. The frame is an H frame, and the 
bells had Hastings stays.



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