Richard Offen richard.offen at
Mon Sep 17 16:33:41 BST 2007

It was good to see many old friends from this list in Worcester last 

Unfortunately I had to dash off before the end of the conference in 
order to catch a plane home.   This prevented me form hearing any 
concluding remarks or reactions to the proceedings afterwards.   

It would be very interesting therefore to know what those members of 
this list present felt about the day.   Were there any useful 
outcomes, or was it just a talk fest?   

Do people feel they gained an insight into the workings of such 
organisations as the 3 Cs and EH which will help to ensure some of 
the ridiculous situations that have been encountered in the past can 
be avoided in future?

For my part, I thought it an extremely interesting event with some 
excellent presentations and sincerely hope that it is the beginning 
of a more coherent approach to all aspects of bell restoration and 



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