[Bell Historians] Re: All Souls, Bolton

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at hEl8zN_P2QroJmyYog-EmgOcHiqUDvld3jxL28XLhzN1TwkM4Zk4HrblPq2PWSaBxdICUX4SfMqt.yahoo.invalid
Mon Sep 17 07:20:31 BST 2007

At 15:42 +0000 07/09/13, jimhedgcock wrote:
>Wonder how that compared with police using their handguns to bang on
>the door when we were 75% through a peal of Stedman Caters at Chicago?
>We knew that the only other key to the door was not in the city so we
>The complainant said the bells had been ringing all day. There had been
>a carillon recital earlier in the day!

Mitchell Tower and Rockefeller Chapel are only two blocks apart, so 
any local who could hear one could almost certainly hear the other as 



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