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Mon Sep 17 18:07:04 BST 2007

I thought the event was well worthwhile and I would endorse the comments
about the excellent speakers and presentations.  It was a pity that there
was not any lively debate but that was as much to do with the nature of the
presentations.  If anyone was trying to be controversial they did it in such
a way that we were convinced of their reasoning anyway!

I think the role of DACs is changing and that did not really come through.
DACs seem to want to work much more closely with PCCs from the outset of a
project and this does involve informal advice, talking about the
technicalities and coming up with solutions.  What is the point in
continually saying some proposal or other is not suitable if you don't
actually come up with something suitable?

"Members of the committee have a wide range of expertise and experience
between them and are always pleased to be able to help and advise parishes
with their plans, whether for a major reordering or a single item." This
seems to be a very positive quote from a diocesan handbook.

One phrase which cropped up during "networking" time was the difference
between opinion and advice.  Anyone care to suggest a definition?

One question/response which I did not ask, though had considered, was to the
comment made about disappearing anticlockwise and irregular rope circles.
An anticlockwise circle is not a great detriment to ringing but it does
cause some difficulties to those unused to them.  An irregular rope circle
does make for difficulties!  Another disappearing feature is peals of bells
in strange musical modes - or even bells which are simply the wrong note.  I
rang recently at a tower in Suffolk with an irregular rope circle and wrong
noted bells - they are soon to undertake a
restoration/conservation/reparation of their bells.  I hope no one seriously
suggests that they keep either unusual feature.  It is no comfort to the
villagers and ringers of such a church that down the road is a good peal of
six - ringers may travel to appreciate different bells but villagers don't!


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