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Thu Sep 20 15:12:14 BST 2007

Hello David,

Thank you for your order.

It is not my intention to produce facsimile reprints of all 'County' 
bell books.  That would be a humungous task and I neither have the 
desire nor the readies to fund such an undertaking.  However, Shropshire 
and Worcestershire may be possible depending upon their size.  Perhaps 
I'll have a go at putting together a single volume for Lancashire at 
some time too.

First though I need access to an original copy.  That is always a vital 

Unlike early general bell ringing books, the market for the county books 
is even more limited.  Having said that, I have orders for 15 copies of 
Church Bells of Cornwall and I have not even advertised it!

Best wishes


David Cawley wrote:

> What a welcome suggestion from Alan. I think a reprint of Cornwall is 
> particularly to be desired.
> Elsewhere there was an indication that there might be some problem 
> with works published in parts. Fred Sharpe never had any such problem 
> when "Berkshire" was reprinted in 1970, along with the list of 
> amendments and some extra photographs.
> I feel that Alan deserves particular praise and support for suggesting 
> piloting the early County Bell Books. Whilst they may be "out of date" 
> as to some present tower contents, they recall a period in the history 
> of the tower which is of interest in its own right. Old "method" book 
> reprints are to me at any rate no substitute for the "feel" of the 
> real thing. 
> Yes indeed, put me down for "Cornwall".
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>     Hello Everyone,
>     Your assistance is needed with the next project.
>     As the proposed facsimile of Troyte has received a lukewarm
>     reception, I am shelving it at this time and plan to do Stedman,
>     1903, by Rev. Davies.   As this was a Jasper Snowdon
>     Change-Ringing Series item, would there be any chance of a
>     copyright problem or not?   Input would be most appreciated.
>     Secondly, although not a 'general' ringing book, I'm preparing a
>     facsimile of 'The Church Bells of  Cornwall' using the recently
>     advertised CD, with their permission.
>     If anyone is interested, please let me know.
>     Best wishes
>     Alan Ellis

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