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Lancashire could do with a new book. The trouble with Cheetham is that he did it by the old Hundreds over a great many years and its the old problem with such publications: you know where to find it so long as you know where it is!

Yes, this is an order for Cornwall!


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  Hello David,

  Thank you for your order.

  It is not my intention to produce facsimile reprints of all 'County' bell books.  That would be a humungous task and I neither have the desire nor the readies to fund such an undertaking.  However, Shropshire and Worcestershire may be possible depending upon their size.  Perhaps I'll have a go at putting together a single volume for Lancashire at some time too.

  First though I need access to an original copy.  That is always a vital step. 

  Unlike early general bell ringing books, the market for the county books is even more limited.  Having said that, I have orders for 15 copies of Church Bells of Cornwall and I have not even advertised it!

  Best wishes


  David Cawley wrote: 

    What a welcome suggestion from Alan. I think a reprint of Cornwall is particularly to be desired.

    Elsewhere there was an indication that there might be some problem with works published in parts. Fred Sharpe never had any such problem when "Berkshire" was reprinted in 1970, along with the list of amendments and some extra photographs.

    I feel that Alan deserves particular praise and support for suggesting piloting the early County Bell Books. Whilst they may be "out of date" as to some present tower contents, they recall a period in the history of the tower which is of interest in its own right. Old "method" book reprints are to me at any rate no substitute for the "feel" of the real thing. 

    Yes indeed, put me down for "Cornwall".


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      Hello Everyone,

      Your assistance is needed with the next project.

      As the proposed facsimile of Troyte has received a lukewarm reception, I am shelving it at this time and plan to do Stedman, 1903, by Rev. Davies.   As this was a Jasper Snowdon Change-Ringing Series item, would there be any chance of a copyright problem or not?   Input would be most appreciated.

      Secondly, although not a 'general' ringing book, I'm preparing a facsimile of 'The Church Bells of  Cornwall' using the recently advertised CD, with their permission.

      If anyone is interested, please let me know. 

      Best wishes

      Alan Ellis

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