[Bell Historians] Ringing at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Fri Sep 21 15:44:40 BST 2007

Frank King wrote on 21/09/2007 11:31:

> I had a quick search but couldn't find any clips
> of pre-war English-style ringing but I suspect
> that there must be some.
> Frank King

There is an item called 'Bell Ringers (aka 'Women Bellringers') about St 
Paul's Melbourne, Australia, dated 1944. Ref 1580.09

Also St Paul's Cathedral London, 1932 (685.22) - 'If You Would See His 
Monument Look Around You!' about the tercentenary of Wren. Background 
track has ringing, but the clip of the ringers looks a bit speeded up.

There are more clips of ringing in 'St Paul's Cathedral - reel 2' but 
this one is silent. (1395.12). At a quick glance it looks as though 
these might be the same time as the ones on the Wren piece, but at a 
more natural pace.

I searched for 'bell ringers' and came up with eight results. The 
Shoreham one (silent) for the 1950's has most of the band with hands 
very far apart on the sally. (2768.06)

1930's Bologna ringing clearly pre Health and Safety. (1622.11)

Also the failed 1954 attempt at the extent of Major. (489.22)

Searches on obvious terms like 'Whitechapel, 'Bell Foundry' etc turn up 
lots more of interest.

Hayden Charles


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