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Fri Sep 21 21:34:16 BST 2007

Hello Neil,

Thank you for your orders for Church Bells of Cornwall and also Davies' 
Stedman.  The latter will possibly see the light of day around Christmas 
but I am not making any promises at this time.

Watch this space for further developments of Davies' Stedman.  I'll keep 
everyone informed.

Best wishes

Alan Ellis

Neil Skelton wrote:

> Allan
> Yes please to a facsimile of Hadlow Dunkin's Cornwall. All I have is a 
> photocopy with James Jerram's ms notes.
> Shropshire seems scarce. I have an incomplete set of offprints.
> Worcestershire also scarce. I managed to obtain a complete set of 
> offprints some years ago.
> Somerset: Walters finished this in the 1920s/1930s? but it was never 
> published. One could obtain a photocopy of the typed-up notes from the 
> Somerset Record Office at prodigous cost.
> Neil Skelton.
> P.S. I would be interested in Davies's Stedman if it gets off the ground.  N
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>     Hello Everyone,
>     Your assistance is needed with the next project.
>     As the proposed facsimile of Troyte has received a lukewarm
>     reception, I am shelving it at this time and plan to do Stedman,
>     1903, by Rev. Davies.   As this was a Jasper Snowdon Change-Ringing
>     Series item, would there be any chance of a copyright problem or
>     not?   Input would be most appreciated.
>     Secondly, although not a 'general' ringing book, I'm preparing a
>     facsimile of 'The Church Bells of  Cornwall' using the recently
>     advertised CD, with their permission.
>     If anyone is interested, please let me know.
>     Best wishes
>     Alan Ellis
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