Facsimile Publication of The Church Bells of Cornwall

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Fri Sep 21 23:23:58 BST 2007

Hello Everybody and with David's/Hayden's/John's permission,

Although well discussed on Bell Historians but not officially 
'launched', I felt that I had better get on with it and advertise on 
each site the planned next facsimile book, now that the ordered copies 
of Tintinnalogia 1671 have been posted and the proposed 'Troyte' has 
been placed in abeyance due to a lukewarm reception.    I honestly can't 
say that about 'Church Bells of Cornwall', as I already have orders for 
half the planned 50 copy run.  It may have to be more!

Church Bells of Cornwall by E. H. W. Dunkin (1878) will be published 
about the end of October.

Price GBP40.00 including postage and packing.  Printing will be on 
acid-free off-white paper and the book will be hand sewn and bound as 
the preceding books.

The original is a rare 92 page 22.7 by 14.7 cm (cover size) book 
covering the bells of Cornwall.    The facsimile is based upon the 
photography and CD of the same name by John Hilton Books © .

For those who wish a copy and have not yet sent me an e-mail, please 
reply to me off-list at <alan_ellis at I6aqGbOD8SU6MLkQayUxJmtKgejMCXCTMgy6zsJdunK83eyOr6OpKjVObcsD6q7NW3fshzzOEV4n75dk.yahoo.invalid>.

Best wishes

Alan Ellis

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