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Sat Sep 22 23:08:15 BST 2007

"Whilst we're on the subject of books, does anyone know if Denis 
Greenwood is still in the land of the living? "

So far as I know. He was back living in the Huddersfield area last I heard,
after a spell working for Eayre & Smith.

"Prior to my recent trip back to the UK I wrote to Denis enquiring if 
any of his books, such as the one on Shaws or Bells of the Diocese of 
Wakefield, were still available (hoping I might be able to get them 
whilst in the UK and save on postage). Since then I have heard 
absolutely nothing."

I'm pretty sure the Wakefield Diocese one at least is out of print and only
obtainable second-hand - and not a great number were printed. Don't know
about the Shaw one.


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