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Possibly 'off-topic' but certainly historical.


I find myself increasingly called upon to toll for funerals - do it once and
it has already become common practice. Actually this has been the practice
at Christ Church, Port Sunlight for quite some years now but I have never
quite sure how to ring the nine Taylors (tellers) for a man etc .- and
certainly not the six for a woman.


Googling has led me to this website where, at the very bottom of the page,
is mention of how this is rung (for man, woman or child) - so I have learnt


It appears that my three 'groups' of three for a man are correct, but my two
'groups' of three for a woman are wrong - apparently it should be three
'groups' of two.


I also came across the following 'Lex Orandi' website.


with specific reference to rubrics for Bellringing which, again, I found of
some interest anyway (although nothing on 'Taylors')...


The webmaster is a Rev. Dcn. David J Muehlenbruch, B.A., M.Div.


This site indicates a time interval of 3 - 7 seconds for tolling a single
bell. I usually toll at 10 second intervals.


Does anyone on this list have anything to add to the above concerning
ringing the 'Taylors' and tolling speed? Are there other interpretations or


For my own convenience, I have created a "tolling calculator" (Microsoft
Excel Spreadsheet) which tells me exactly when I should start the tolling
for persons of any given age to ensure completion at the exact time of the
start of the funeral service. (I find that almost invariably funeral
services start promptly - I guess the late are never late!) This is attached
- please feel free to distribute this to anyone who may find it useful. If
this list does not accept attachments, then simply email me so that I can
forward it. I am not expecting a deluge of requests!




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