[Bell Historians] Re: The Redundant Bells of St Nicholas, Cork - Ringing ...

David Bryant davidbryant at vsYtwLYblFCsPGwvoe2rZjAW3BD1W2QX1hYJvp4rn-tD7aiSGbJgnLr47fYv1acsUXank0RVSoYi3lV56yM1wF0.yahoo.invalid
Sat Sep 29 14:46:46 BST 2007


"it has to be said I also wouldn't give a ninteenth century Mears ring much
of a priority either"

Neither would most other people, I shouldn't think, but Mears bells are
everywhere; they aren't rare like Murphy bells are which is surely the whole


"Likewise and I regret to say this but there are a few recent Taylor jobs
that fall IMHO into the same category ."

Such as?



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