[Bell Historians] Re: The Redundant Bells of St Nicholas, Cork - Ringing ...

David Bryant davidbryant at mwLPL4Hbl0b_F8CeuyefOSmGkj8ziTEALRcl8b1OPx6TIt1s2j72mq03nbqZB154gGjGuhxxbyb1ESNn0CHH168.yahoo.invalid
Sun Sep 30 21:56:53 BST 2007

"I agree. The bells themselves may not be much but put together and in 
their setting, they are quite something and unique."

They are also the only complete pre-true harmonic 12 to survive in their
original state (i.e. not tuned since, canons retained on those bells which
originally had them). As such, I strongly believe that they should be listed
- they are not at present. They are an important example of the development
of English bellfounding in the C19.



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