Ipswich St Mary le Tower old 9th

Bill Hibbert bill at RbAlqgDrOwJpF42wdQzgnuphImtCtO9LJcJSYAfAlqYCV0eCKITwFkcjZiRMfgxLmzjHoEOwPDRkBedI.yahoo.invalid
Wed Apr 2 09:51:51 BST 2008

This bell, of which I have a recording thanks to Steve Ivin, features 
in my PhD thesis because it has interesting characteristics from an 
acoustical if not a musical perspective. It was cast by Warners in 
1866 and replaced by Taylors in 1999.

Michael Wilby's '12 bell' website suggests that it is still in the 
tower - I had assumed it would have been boiled up. Does anyone know 
if in fact the bell still exists?


Bill H


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