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Briefly (I haven't checked all the references), the Bell News reported ringing here between 1882 and 1907. In 1907 the Cumberlands rang two 720s, and in the footnote it was stated that W.J. Nudds had recently started a young band at St.Luke's. The first of the 720s was apparently the first changeringing at the church for over 12 years.

I heard it said that Wilfred Williams claimed to have rung at St.Luke's - though whether this was true or not (either that he said so, or that he rang there!) I do not know. But it's possible that the bells may have still been ringable and rung occasionally when Wilfred first went to London in the 1930s


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  They always went down in Dove as a chime, but were installed as a ring. There was a quarter peal rung there in the 1880's which was recorded in the Bell News. I do not have the details of that before me. 

  Treble 26 1/4"  G  3 1/2 cwt John Warner & Sons 1855
  2nd     27 1/2"  F  3 3/4 cwt John Warner & Sons 1855
  3rd      29"       Eb 4 1/4 cwt John Warner & Sons 1855
  4th      30 1/2"  D  5       cwt John Warner & Sons 1855
  5th      32 1/4"  C  6       cwt John Warner & Sons 1854
  Tenor  34 1/2"  Bb 7 1/2 cwt John Warner & Sons 1855

  Apparentl;y they were still in the tower when it was blown up - the church having already gone, c.1965.

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    Anyone know what became the ring of six bells from St. Luke's, 
    Nutford Place, Marylebone (closed 1947) please?



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